Friday, June 22, 2018

Beautiful Loisa Andalio Dances Momolands' BBOOM BBOOM


It's so hard to reach a million followers on Instagram even if you are a celebrity and surpassing the million mark can already be considered as a huge achievement. What more if it's 3.3M?Young actress and ex-PBB housemate Loisa Andalio immediately thanked her fans for their continues support by following her on her official Instagram account. As a her form of giving back, Loisa thanked her fans by uploading her rehearsal video unveiling her upcoming performance dancing the hit K-Pop dance craze "BBOOM2x."
 The video clip only took more than 30 seconds but in that time span Loisa was able to tease her fans with the highlights of her future dance performance. Just to give you a bit of spoiler, the bridge and the chorus part of the Momoland's hit song were part of the video clip.

Judging Loisa's grooves, of course, it is expected that she can give more than enough justice to the dance craze as she's born with overflowing talent on dancing and singing. And watching her seems like we are already watching the actual performance minus the costume because the young actress did not just gave her all but also enjoyed the moment.

Going through the comments, many fans lauded Loisa's graceful moves because she truly is a born dancer. However, there are few netizens who compare her to Momoland's most popular member Nancy but taking this negativity to a brighter note, it's really flattering on Loisa's side even if she's a well known celebrity in the country to be compared to a worldwide K-pop star.

As of this writing, this video clip of Loisa grooving to Momoland's "BBOOM2x" has now gained more than 400K views.

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