Friday, October 6, 2017

Jasmin Curtis Smith Loses Great Weight, Netizens Reacts


Artists need to look great on and off cam since all eyes are on them and they are public figures. With all the pressures from their work which require pleasing the audience, sometimes how they take care of themselves reflects on how they look. 

The recent star with all the attention are on her for looking way different than before is Anne Curtis' younger sister Jasmine Curtis Smith. Take a look at her latest post that shocked the Netizens.

Because the showbiz industry demands celebrities to look almost perfect, stars are trying their best to look fit. That's why most of them are engaged in all sorts of diet and exercise. Probably, this might be the reason why Jasmine Custis suddenly lost weight.

In her recent Instagram post, netizens noticed Jasmine lost great weight. It seemed that the actress got thinner which was instantly noticed when she wore a bikini and posed for a selfie.

Anne's younger sister did not deny her sudden lost of weight and blame everything to being independent -- living all on her own without any helpers. She said on her response to bashers, that living alone requires a lot of physical activities and later told that she would eat more meat to gain weight.

Before ending her post, she wanted everyone not to make her feel bad about the way she looks.

Currently, Jasmine Curtis is in the US to attend in her sissy's bachelorette party. Along with them are the other IT Girls, Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson and Liz Uy. 


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