Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life of Coco Martin Before Entering Showbiz


Known to be as one of the epitomes of a handsome Moreno, Coco Martin is no different from most of us before he reached his fame. Who was Coco Martin before becoming a superstar?

It’s not new to everyone that Coco Martin has a big heart to ordinary people since he knows the feeling of being in their shoes. In some of his interviews, Coco opened up a bit of his experience before he entered the limelight. As we remember, The “Ang Probinsyano” star revealed that he once became an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

The said revelation was further disclosed by one of his loyal fans, Janet Abinal, in a Filipino community on Canada. According to her, Coco Martin was an HRM graduate who tried his luck in Canada after filming the 2006 Indie Film “Masahista”. Although Coco is already blessed with the boy-next-door charisma way back, opportunity was still harsh with the Indie actor. He didn’t land any jobs in Canada that will suit his qualifications because he was an undocumented worker and got no choice but to work as a janitor in a bingo parlor.

Coco Martin told in an interview with Star Studio that as a janitor way back, he wakes up 1am to clean his assigned area before the establishment opens in the morning. He found cleaning the toilet challenging especially when disposing sanitary pads and tidying the toilet bowls.

Just like other OFWs, Coco also experienced to be fooled in exchange of a working visa. After spending 9 months in Canada, Coco went back to the Philippines where bit by bit his life changed and now on of the biggest stars in the showbiz industry.


  1. nah.... to get to Canada.... you've have to have a deep pocket which i'm sure his family did...I'll be more amazed if he was doing it here from rags to riches...