Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Reason Why Sandara Park Cannot Stay in the Philippines For A long Time


Korean Pop Culture has no doubt reached world domination. Fans all over the world are following Korean fashion style [ulzzang], watching Korean drama series [K-Drama], and even switched their music taste into Korean Pop [K-Pop]. Fangirls and fanboys are going crazy over this new trend from South Korea, and even follows their biases (or K-Pop idols) through their social media accounts called “spazzing”. Truly that the ‘K’ culture has spawned a lot of rising stars on their country and who would know that one of the most popular girl group in South Korea had our very own Sandara Park be one of the members!

Sandara Park is a member of the K-Pop group called 2NE1, and then on reached the peak of her career in Korea known as “Dara”. The celebrity came from the ABS-CBN Star Magic talent search called “Star Circle Quest” where she was known by her name Sandara Park, and along her showbiz batchmates, Joross Gamboa, Roxanne Guinoo, Joseph Bitangcol and Hero Angeles.

But after some shows and TV commercials she had in the Philippines, Dara flew back to Korea and was then, unheard of by her fans. On the rise of K-Pop music upon enter of the previous decade, Sandara made her comeback on the Philippine TV when she was seen on 2NE1. But apparently, the Korean star are rarely seen on TV and many are wondering why.

On a press conference by PEP, Dara was asked if she could stay in the Philippines permanently. “Kung bibigyan ka ng chance ng ABS-CBN or ng Star Cinema na mag-base dito sa Pilipinas kasi balikan ka, di ba, parang ang hirap?” [If you were to be given a chance by ABS-CBN or Star Cinema to stay permanently here on the Philippines, because it seems taxing for you right? To go back and forth?]

Sandara Park hesitantly answered that it was good for her to be given a project here on the Philippines. But there is a real reason behind why she just can’t simply stay here on the Philippines for good.

“Baka mas okay na mag-stay ako dito kahit six months. Pero hindi pwede na buong buhay ko nandito ako kasi may mga pusa na naghihintay sa akin sa [South] Korea!

Back and forth, pero hindi every week. Siguro pwede na yung six months.”

[I think it might be okay for me to stay here up to six months. But I can’t stay here all my life because there are cats waiting for me at home in South Korea! Back and forth, but not every week. I think six months will do.]


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