Saturday, May 13, 2017

ChaCha Bulilit Amazing Transformation


Remember the kid starred in a real estate company named Chacha? Yes, the person you see in the following video is none other than Chacha Cañete and she’s all grown up. That’s not all, she’s also a rising recording artist. Watch how she gave her own rendition to “Fight Song by” Rachel Platten.

 “Bulilit” this sums up the image of Chacha Cañete way back when she’s still active in show business as an endorser and main stay in the longest kid running gag show, “Goin’ Bulilit”. Now, the known “Bulilit” is a grown up and is now starting to make name in the recording industry.

Just this week, Chacha appeared again in front of the camera not to bring up jokes or remake her past advertisement. She came back in the limelight as a rising singer. It was a tremendous surprise to see the former child star singing a song that requires vocal prowess.

In her recent appearance, the “Goin’ Bulilit” graduate was invited by Wish 1075 to showcase her singing talent. Well, she didn’t turn everyone down at the same time exceeded everyone’s expectation because not most knew that she can really sing very well.

By watching the entire showcase, it’s very safe to say that Chacha has the license to perform in a much bigger crowd because she’s so good. Her voice quality sounds angelic yet powerful. The inspirational song fit well to her voice to the point that she owned it.

Although Chacha is now a lady, we still can’t abandon her previous image as “Bulilit” because she’s still as cute as she was before.


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