Friday, May 12, 2017

Maris Racal Shruggs Off Bashes With this Dance Cover


Celebrities should be known in all kinds of talents and skills they could show off. So most networks really push their artists to always be at their best no matter what. So celebrities in return, always try their hardest to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, and even acting no matter if they really couldn’t. But nevertheless, they were born performers and could always get through everything even if their audiences are putting out a good laugh. But still, fans are there to support them all throughout their pursuits and efforts.

And recently, a hilarious meme bombarded the internet world as netizens easily shared it on their Facebook walls. A photograph of Maris Racal together with Loisa Andalio has gone viral, taken from the noontime show, ASAP. Netizens had got no problem with Loisa, but when they turned to Maris, who was just behind the actress, it immediately turned into a laughingstock and a memes subject. Netizens are laughing on Maris’ dance pose and move on the said picture where she looked like she was looking for a fight. Meme-makers put up a lot of good laugh by making lots of jokes about the screenshot. But wait, Maris has got something on her pocket to show off to those who bash and make fun of her.

The Star Magic talent has shared a video on YouTube where she danced all the way on the song of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers. Maris is nevertheless a potential dancer, and she was not really horrible at it afterall! The young actress really showed off to all the people who make fun of her that she can really dance. Many regarded that she could be the next Maja Salvador on ASAP because she has shown off some awesome dance moves. So this is a thing to all those people who bashed her indeed!

Maris is not just good in acting, but also in singing and dancing. She has made a lot of song covers including a French song, “Le Festin”, which was an OST of the Disney-Pixar film, Ratatouille. She has got a beautiful voice and a great guitar skills. This makes Maris Racal a complete package roll into one considering she can really dance despite what others regard of her.


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