Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kathryn Bernardo Gets Pissed in Public


We can’t blame artists for sometimes reaching their temper most specially when they’re on public and the crowd is incontrollable. It’s not only veteran and international celebrities who experience reaching their last straw but also local artists who really got a big and solid fan base.

It’s the artist’s decision on how he or she will handle the way he or she would act when the situation is beyond uncontrollable. Some would throw ‘attitude’ while some will handle everything with grace. In the case of Kathryn Bernardo, many were shocked when she did the unexpected during her mall tour.

Fan cams were all up when Kathryn Bernado got pissed in front of the crowd. According to KathNiel’s facebook fan page, it was the first time that fans saw Kathryn showing how pissed she was. The reason behind this was that she was trying to come closer to her fans but securities prohibited her.

As seen in the video, Kathryn went through the crowd but she just reached halfway because her securities blocked the way to prevent Kathryn to come much closer to her fans located meters away from the stage. “Sorry, guys. Gusto ko pumunta hinahanarangan nila. Kuya, hayaan niyo,” Kathryn announced as she goes back to the stage.

By her facial expression, it can be seen that the Kapamilya young actress was disappointed upon returning to the stage since she wanted to come down and mingle with her fans.

On the other hand, although Kathryn failed to give the best service to her fans, many were moved with her gesture and even salute the securities for doing their job well.


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