Thursday, May 11, 2017

" ISDA PINAGKAGULUHAN SA SOCIAL MEDIA " Here is the Reason Why This Fish Became Famous online


The world has got its own amazing and unique patterns for every creature living within it. Animals such as giraffes, zebras, and even fishes have their own unique pattern on its body unlike any other. Humans, for instance, vary in fingerprints even for identical twins! Truly that the world has a wonderful beauty on its own, but this one fish has caught the attention of social media soon after it went viral.

According to some netizens, a photograph of the fish immediately went viral because it had some mystical pattern on its body similar for a tattoo! The fish that is about one meter in length had amazing blue swirls and designs on its body. Many people who saw it speculated it was another “sign” of the world’s end. But apparently, it was not actually to be considered mystical.

In fact, according to the fisherman who caught the fish itself, Zosimo Tano, bluffed that it bore “tattoos” on the fish’s body. He said that the fish had no actual tattoos or patterns embedded on its body. The fact that it bore tattoo-like patterns is because it was for the shirt that wrapped the fish with according to the fisherman. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) even testified that there is nothing special with the fish. The fish was actually a Sailfish that was caugh by Zosimo Tano. And the patterns that were seen on the skin of the fish was actually because of the shirt’s pattern. Apparently, BFAR said that due to a chemical reaction, the shirt print transferred onto the skin of the fish and thus resulted into a tattoo-like image. The fish has gone into a hydrographic chemical reaction that transferred the textile print of the shirt on its skin.

Netizens now are bluffing the idea of other social media users that this is another sign of the end of the world. Apparently, this is not one of those so-called signals and there is completely nothing to worry about as this is not a drastic, climatic phenomena.


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