Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Liza Soberano Chosen To Be The New Darna


Few weeks after Angel Locsin’s announcement that she won’t be playing Darna anymore, a lot of names came out as to who is fitted to the role. Jessy Mendiola, Nadine Lustre and Pia Wurtzbach were among the few that stood out. However, celebrity and entertainment correspondent shook the fans for revealing the next actress to play the most famous Pinay superhero.

Just this morning, Ricky Lo revealed on his article under the entertainment section of Philstar that the people behind this year’s adaptation of Darna has given the role to none other than Liza Soberano. According to Lo, unless there’s a last minute changes which he believed that will no longer be possible, the final and perfect choice to give life to Darna for this year is Liza Soberano as per Funfare’s Very Deep Penetration Agent (VDPA).

According to VDPA, Liza Soberano is currently undergoing an intense training in an undisclosed place to prepare for the role. The location where Liza is underdoing her ‘Darna’ training is yet to be revealed “so that there won’t be any leak”.

Going through the first people to react with the breaking news, as expected many were surprised since Liza’s name had not came out from the list of actresses possible to take the role. Others also think that the young Kapamilya actress is still too ‘mahinhin’ for the role since Darna is known for her fierceness and boldness.

Although many were against, we believe that Liza can give justice to the role. She just needs to undergo some training and few more acting workshops and she’s ready to go. Face and body-wise, she can definitely rock the Darna costume.

Still not convinced? here is a photo super imposing Liza’s face on the Darna-clad body of Angel Locsin.

Source: Liza Soberano, Philstar


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