Thursday, May 11, 2017

Beautiful Woman Buried Alive For 8 Months By Her Boyfriend


The most absurd thing about human behavior is the differences in every culture and belief. The diversity of beliefs leads people into doing the absurd and most brutal way to fulfill the desires of their faith. Yes, it is very unusual to hear that some people are still clinging on these ancient beliefs and superstitions. Just like a man in Tanzania, who buried his own partner for the sake of money rituals.

According to sources, the beautiful woman (whose name was not mentioned) was buried alive by her own boyfriend for an alleged money ritual. The woman was placed on a deep pit, almost like a septic tank, where she had no light and was fed only once a week for 8 months. Neighbors have speculated the oddity of the practice and chose to tip in the police to the crime. When the police arrived, they saw that the woman is indeed beneath the pit. The once beautiful lady is now looking like a complete skeleton, naked, and in harsh condition. The police immediately rescued the lady from the pit while neighbors are gathered around to witness the rescue.

The woman’s boyfriend was immediately arrested for his crimes and is being sanctioned by the authorities. Netizens are enraged by the rite practiced by this man in Tanzania. It shows no logical explanation for having the poor woman buried alive for the sake of money. Even if you bury a lot of girls underground, there will have no chance for you to gain money without working hard for it.


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