Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2 Year Old Young D E AD Boy Came Back To Life And Asked for A Glass of Water


Many incidents we recall that when we have a family member or a close relative is dying, often they ask for water. A person who is having a near-death experience always ask for water and drinks a ton of it. Odd as it may seem, but the pattern of behavior of a dying person is recurring. And same as the reports from Brazil of a death of a young boy, it was as weird and scary as it may seem.

According to the Bible, in a verse from the Book of Revelations, that the dead will rise in front of the Lord and shall be judged upon the Judgment Day. And as odd as it may sound, that reports are coming in of the dead rising from the grave. One incident that will add up to the series of “living dead” is the boy from Brazil.

Kelvin Santos, a two-year-old boy, died after an infection caused by pneumonia. His death was caused by doctors not being able to resuscitate him and thus he died from the disease. But the sudden death of the young boy is not the one that startled everyone, including his family. During his funeral, the dead body of the young boy has risen from its coffin. According to his father, Antonio Santos, his son had woken up and asked for a glass of water. He was rather shocked, as his son smiled, looked around and laid down back to his coffin.

“During the wake, I held Kelvin and said, ‘Son, come back to daddy.’ And a few hours later my son sat up in the coffin and said, ‘Daddy, give me water.’ Everybody started to scream. We thought a miracle had taken place and our body had come back to life. Then he lay down again and didn’t move again,” said Mr. Santos.

To their surprise, the Santos family brought the corpse of the boy to the hospital and had doctors check on upon him. They brought him to a hospital in Belem, Northern Brazil. Doctors can hardly believe on the claims of the family and confirmed that the boy is indeed, already dead.

Kelvin Santos passed away in a hospital called Abelardo Santos Hospital at 7 P.M. The Santos family is determined to file a case against the medical facility due to their claims that their son is a victim of medical malpractice. The family has already registered the complaint to the respective authorities.


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