Monday, April 3, 2017

Yassi Pressman vs Maja Salvador Dance Showdown


Apparently, these two celebrities are possibly two of the most beautifully hot stars of the Kapamilya network, and truly, they never fail to be the talk of the town of the Filipino viewers because of their superb ASAP dance performances because of them apparently always setting the center-stage on fire! Model and actress of the hit action series co-starred by Coco Martin, and the seductress of a hit drama series, the Ang Probinsyano and Wild Flower stars Yassi Pressman and Maja Salvador sets the ASAP stage on fire with their blazing  dance performance.

In tune of a sensual, latin-american music, they festively danced and took out their salsa-mixed-chacha dance moves recently on the said noontime show. Dressed on a ballroom attire in pink, Yassi flaunts her curves and smoothly glided her hips on air as she danced to the beat whereas Maja, a girl in blue, proved that she has got some better moves than any other star on the business. Her grace and sensually attractive dance moves, with every beat and fling of the hips, the two definitely wowed the audience with their blazing dance performance. This duo never failed to set the dancefloor on fire because they simply got the sizzling flames on their side.

Another performance of this two, as far as we can remember, their “Versace on the Floor” dance performance made the town talking about them and is a total head-turner because of the moves that is really a total bomb of a performance given by this two, alongside with fellow ASAP celebrity performers, like Rayver Cruz and another dancer and actor. Surely they are there to explode a total dynamite of hotness performance anywhere, anytime.

you can watch the video here


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