Sunday, April 30, 2017

Video of A Girl in Africa Who Gave Birth To A Snake


We’ve encountered a lot of bizarre news worldwide but this one’s made our jaw drop and questioned our self how was this possible. In Africa, a woman was rushed in a hospital because of stomach pain and later found out that she’s conceived a snake inside her body. Here’s the actual video of her delivery.

Many believe that this scenario is caused by superstitions or is beyond scientific explanation. In a video, an African woman was caught giving birth to a snake. Small green snake came out between her legs and believe it or not, the snake still has a life when it came out from her body. On the other hand, examining the video, it can be noticed that there was no blood surrounding the snake which brought the possibility that the scene was fabricated because in the first place, there should be a lot of blood coming out from the lady and to the snake that allegedly came out from her body.

Moreover, we are not debunking the possibility of the authenticity of the video because as far as we remember, this case is no longer new. If our memory serves us right, the same case also happened in a province in the Philippines wherein a woman gave birth to a snake. The case was even featured in the local shows to initiate investigation.

Going back to the video, unfortunately, there were no further details in order to know the identity of the lady in the video.

What can you say about this? Do you think this case is possible?


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