Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World


In millions of men living in the planet, the following 10 men made it on the list as the most handsome human beings in the planet. Who are they?

1.    Omar Borkan Al Gala – if you’re not familiar with his name, maybe you’ll remember him for breaking the news as the man who got kicked out from his country, Saudi Arabia, because of his Adonis-like features.

2.    Robert Pattinson – Every woman knows this guy – the perfect representation of a modern vampire due to his alluring eyes and perfect bone structure. Robert Pattinson is not just an actor but also a musician.

3.    Brad Pitt – No words can describe this Hollywood actor but he really is the epitome of handsomeness.

4.    Chris Evans – Chris Evans gained his fame when he won the role of Captain America. With his looks and perfectly sculpt body, even men will encounter some geder iussues.

5.    Prince William – He doesn’t have just the looks but also the title. The female enrolees in the school where Prince William enrolled sky-rocketed when they found out that they would get the chance to mingle with the prince in school.

6.    Johnny Depp – The only Hollywood male celebrity that can rock and give justice to wearing eyeliner.

7.    Richard Gere – He’s the perfect representation of a true gentleman with a lot of class.
8.    Joaquin Phoenix – He’s scar on top of his lips had become his asset that made him look unique among the other celebrities.

9.    Jeremy Meeks – His sexy mugshot became his stepping stone to be famous and signed to become a model for international clothing brands.

10.    Jensen Ackles – Women would love to go in the underworld with this Supernatural star.


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