Thursday, April 6, 2017

Throwback: Nadine Lustre PBB Audition


Before Nadine Lustre became who she is now, Nadine also shared the same dream with other teens – to enter the Pinoy Big Brother House way back 2010.

On 2010, Nadine Lustre tried out to be part of the PBB Teen Clash. For throwback Thursday, we’re glad to share with you this throwback video of Nadine when she was auditioning for PBB Teen Clash edition.

Same as the other aspirants, Nadine revealed her story during the audition to prove that she’s deserving to be part of the 2010 PBB teens batch. She told the screeners her background – what her parents do for a living and how she contributes on their daily expenses.

Little that everyone knew, Nadine Lustre was a commercial model before she became an actress. She appeared on various TV ads including a biscuit snack and a cologne brand. Going through the comments, one fan shared a bit of fact about this audition.

According to the commenter named Yana K., Nadine auditioned in PBB after she and her family went home from the US due to her Californian accent where they lived for quite sometime. More to fun facts, this edition of PBB teens was the same edition where James Reid was proclaimed as the grand winner, seems like destiny, right?

Nadine Lustre wasn’t able to push through with the audition because she was already casted to be part of Viva girl group Pop Girls.


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