Monday, April 17, 2017

House That Is Small Outside But Beautiful Inside


The demand for tiny houses has increased over the years and is now starting to become a trend in some countries such as Japan. Take a look at this beautiful 594 square-meter tiny house and be surprised how spacious it looks inside.

Designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier, this modern Japanese house is built on a triangular land between a river and a road. From the outside, the house looks very tiny and doesn’t seem to fit an entire family but once you see the inside, you’ll be surprised by how it housed such a big space.
As seen in the video, the house comprises two floors where the bedroom is located on the first floor while the kitchen and living room are on the second floor. An additional room was also added in the interior particularly at the attic part of the house.

Furthermore, the tiny house has also its own balcony placed opposite the river to see its fantastic view anytime of the day. The house was painted white with light wood accent to make the interior look more spacious and brighter.

This tiny Japanese house can accommodate a small family with up to two to three children.
Today, many families in the west have exchanged their spacious house to live in a tiny home which is a great idea to save more lands. After all, these homes are well-designed and engineered for the purpose of living a very sustainable life.


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