Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Original Story Of Lucia Joaquin ( English Version )


We cant deny the fact that Lucia Joaquin story is rampant in Facebook, However , after  our thorough research,  we discovered that there is an English Version of the story of  Lucia Joaquin.

In the tagalog version it started with the very creepy chat conversation of Lucia Joaquin and Enzo Cruz has taken the internet by storm and if you’re not yet familiar with their story, here is a short clip re-enacting the experience of Enzo Cruz.

Have you experienced waking up 3 in the morning without any reason? According to legends, waking up at exactly 3am or some call it during the witch hour means that some spirit was staring at you during your sleep which cause you to suddenly wake up from your sleep.

This creepy experience was somewhat experienced by Enzo Cruz. In his story that continues to cycle online, he woke up 3 in the morning to use the comfort room. After answering the call of nature, he went back to bed but was unable to doze off. He just decided to go online in Facebook thinking that this would help him to come back from sleep.

Suddenly, an unknown contact with the name Lucia Joaquin started to chat him. Enzo was friendly enough to spend his time chatting to this unknown Lucia Joaquin with a profile picture that is too dark to see how she looks. However, Lucia reasoned out about her not-so-clear profile photo that she’s just new to Facebook and that her room was too dark when she took the photo.

Enzo suggested Lucia to use the flash of her phone and this started all the creepiness that he encountered.

Watch here ---> the Tagalog version of Lucia Joaquin's story

Howeverer, just like what we've said earlier. There is an English version of this story. More intense, more dramatic and more scary. And we think this is the original story.  We dont want to spoil you, just watch the video below.


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