Monday, April 10, 2017

She Will Never Forget This Grab Driver For the Rest Of Her Life


Nowadays, it’s already a big ease to know that transportation services such as Grab can extend more of their service to their customers just like what happened to this lady.

Nix Obispo posted on Facebook her one-of-a-kind experience with a Grab driver during an emergency situation. On her post, she posted her encounter with a kind driver who brought her in a hospital and even stayed on her side until she was okay.

According to Obispo, she never expected that the Grab driver named Joven Carlos Rivera Sindac would do such gesture for a stranger like her. When she took Grab service, Sindac immediately brought her to the hospital as Obispo revealed that her stomach was really in pain.

Without any parents or relatives to watch over her, the Grab driver insisted to watch over her until she’s discharged. Much more to her surprise, Sindac accepted her payment and later bought her a bottle of water to give her more ease.

After she was discharged, the Grab driver checked on her by leaving her a text message asking her if she has recovered and that was the time when Obispo was able to formally send big thanks to the Grab driver which the driver paid it forward telling Obispo not to hesitate asking for his help when there will be another emergency.


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