Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sandara Parks Defends The Philippines to South Koreans


Whether we like it or not, our neighbouring countries see the Philippines not for homing pristine beaches but an unsafe place for tourists. However, there are some people who are influential enough to defend our country from the international community and one of them is Sandara Park.

Considering as her home away from home, Sandara Park stand for all the Filipinos in front fellow Koreans to attest that Philippines is a safe country for everyone to visit. On the show “Battle Trip”, the 2ne1 member showed and presented everyone that our country is very worth to visit and stay for a vacation.

 "One of the reasons why I wanted to introduce Philippines to the Battle Trip is that people always ask me about the Philippines - 'Isn't it dangerous? I hear public safety is poor?'. They always ask me that unfortunate incidents are shown in the news,” Sandara told in the show.

To prove that the Philippines is safe to visit, Sandara and her friend went to the country for a vacation where they showcased the natural beauty of the Philippines.

They went to Mt. Taal to view its famous lake inside the volcano and at the same time tried fresh buko juice while enjoying their sight-seeing. The next day, they visited the famous white sand beach in Cebu and then flew to Palawan to experience snorkelling in one of the few diverse marine resources in the world.

 And it seemed that her fellow Koreans are very pleased with how Sandara endorsed the Philippines to them. Well done, Sandara Park!


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