Monday, April 10, 2017

Rita " Badjao Girl " Gaviola Recording Her Own Album ?


After the famed Pahiyas Festival gave birth to a star on the rise after her photo went viral on the shot taken on the said festivity in Quezon Province, the "Badjao Girl", Rita Gaviola has earned inumerable fans on the internet because of her unbelievable beauty despite her impoverished condition begging alms on tourists who came for the festival. The world scoped into this mysterious girl who was later on revealed to belong to a tribe of Badjaos, one of the natives of the Philippines. Despite the fact that she is living under harsh circumstances, her beauty shines through making some people claim she had a resemblance with Ylona Garcia. Rita Gaviola also entered the iconic Big Brother House as a teen housemate along with the batch of Kisses Devin and MayMay Enriquez.

News broke out as well about being allegedly called out by MTCRB when the Badjao girl was apparently bullied by her other housemates. Nevertheless, after being evicted from the PBB House, Rita was reportedly releasing a recording album which her fans and supporters get really excited about. Rita was spotted recording a song inside a recording studio. Fans showed the love by leaving wonderful comments of support and power for the former teen housemate.

Even though that some people will not really appreciate this girl for some reasons we’ll never know, people still support her all the way. And she still tries to make herself a better person than she was way before then. Doors of opportunity has opened for this girl, and as any native Badjao would do, they are blessed with wonderful voices possibly handed over by their ancestors who used to sing and praise nature back then in the mountains of ancient times and no wonder that this girl would indeed inherit such characteristics to be a successful recording artist someday. We certainly can’t wait to have her album be released sooner!


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