Friday, April 7, 2017

Rita " Badjao Girl " Gaviola Graduates


After all the hardships that she’d gone through, Rita “Badjao Girl” Gaviola has now reached one of her dreams and that is to make her parents proud with her bowing on stage and receive the token of her diligence in school. Here are her graduation pictures.

Once caught roaming around the province of Quezon to earn a living for her family, now, Rita has finally reached her dream to be able to payback her parents with her own diploma. Apart from just appearing on various TV programs in ABS-CBN, this new milestone could lift more the state of Rita’s family as she also do some sideline in show business.

As seen in the photos, Rita’s loved ones could not feel any prouder with her new achievement despite the fact that she’s also busy working in the limelight. Since she’s already a celebrity, nothing but a celebrity treatment is all that she deserves.

Before her graduation, a glam team worked on Rita to enhance more of her beautiful looks. Their working station looked very chic and pang-artista with all those lights installed on the mirror and expensive make ups.

It’s not just Rita’s over-all look that everyone looked forward to but most importantly the graduation ceremony where she received the token of her hard work. Some of her teachers also took the opportunity to take photos with her.

With this another milestone, Rita has again inspired a lot of kids her age.


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