Friday, April 28, 2017

Real Life Return of the Mummy : Mummified Monk Back To Life After 89 Years


Have you watch the "Mummy Returns"? If not, here is the real version of the movie. A mummified Buddhist monk was allegedly return back to life after 89 years.

This is what the  website Fox Journal said, 

Mummification is an ancient tradition and practice of preserving a dead body with a belief that it will “come back to life” once again in either the afterlife or the present life. Popularly done by ancient Egyptians and some Asian countries and almost at the rest of the world. But recently, there has been claims that mummified bodies are “coming back to life”. “The Mummy Returns” movie, anyone?

But again, Asian countries, specifically in Siberia, a Buddhist Monk allegedly came back to life after 89 years! But what is weird is that the monk has been mummified and supposedly “dead” for almost nine decades. Mostly believe that the monk, according to popular Buddhist belief, has gone into a meditation and presumed not to be dead but to be in deep meditation for a long time. Monks presume the lotus position and meditate so deep that they will not be needing any food or drink. The process can last for long periods of time until they decided to wake up from their slumber. The mummified body of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov was exhumed in 1927, happened to show no signs of decay according to experts. Scientists also claimed that the body of the dead monk has the decaying signs of someone who just died 36 minutes ago! Experts and specialists were skeptical and surprised regarding the Lama’s mummy. The native people of Tibet, the origin of Lama Dashi, firmly believed that the monk is not dead but is rather, “sleeping”. Apparently, as the studies and investigations conducted, the monk is self-mummified and possibly be in a meditating process until the hour of their death. Or was he really dead as science has been claiming?

Another surprising fact about the Lama, and most might be scared, is that it has been seen moving. The mummified body that is usually kept on a glass case inside a temple was seen walking around the halls of the building. This fueled up the belief that the monk is “watching over” the temple and the constant belief that the monk is not dead even ignites the Buddhist tradition of deep meditation. The footage was caught on CCTV at the time when no one was supposed to be left inside the facility anymore.


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