Monday, April 3, 2017

Miss Universe PIa Wurtzbach Confronts Bf Marlon Stockinger


Following the controversial issue of the alleged news regarding the Miss Universe’s 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s current boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger, about having twins out of wedlock with his former girlfriend and an apparent ghost of his past, Kit Barraquias. This “ghost” now haunts back Marlon and has probably tarnished the relationship of him with Queen P. This issue seemed to have resulted into a quarrel between the lovers.

According to a source: “Actually, nabanggit nga daw yata ni Marlon noon kay Pia na may nagging girlfriend siya pero hindi niya alam kung nagkaanak sila. Tapos parang nawala na yung topic kasi hindi naman masyado natutukan.”
[Actually, Marlon has mentioned to Pia back then that indeed he had a girlfriend but she never knew that they had a baby. Then the issue was all a blur and was forgotten because they didn’t actually focused on it much.]

That’s why when Pia was asked about the issue during a certain event, she was shocked and said that she indeed knew nothing about the baby issue—but in this case—babies. The Queen went back and returned to the question once again to Marlon regarding the rumors-turned-reality. And with the exact same timing came the name Kit Barraquias, claiming that her twins were fathered by Marlon Stockinger—and he is indeed the biological father.

There has not been some news about what happened between Pia and Marlon regarding the topic ever since the news came out. Apparently they had an argument that seems to result into unfollowing each other on their Instagram accounts. Pia doesn’t seem to appear to be one of Marlon’s followers anymore and their social media accounts doesn’t seem to post anything with regards to the controversy.

And another thing, according to the source, Queen Pia’s manager has forbidden her from giving out any statements about the issue or anything that would be related onto it.

Source: Yesyes Manila


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