Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Madam Kilay and Her Handsome Special Someone


A Facebook page called “MadamKilay” posted a new, and absolutely hilarious video of her and her foreigner boyfriend, Afam. The two were having a funny conversation about their relationship and the responses were absolutely hilarious many netizens who kept on watch were cracking laughter on the comment section of the video.

Madam Kilay asked his boyfriend, Afam, on a topic of love bugging him with the question: “Will you fight for me if someone takes me away from you?” and what made it entertaining is the way Madam Kilay puts on the subtitles and her responses which are called “English-Carabao” (it is when the person cannot speak or was not able to speak in English with proper grammar and pronunciation which is always a subject of comedy or laughingstock). Madam Kilay’s reactions were funny because there are times she can’t respond well on the answers thrown by Afam! Captioning it on the video: “Nosebleeding”! Madam Kilay also says that “Yu kent faynd a face like this in the world ageyn! This face is rare!”. Many Filipinos often mock a Filipina-Foreigner (despite the ethnicity or nationality) relationship because more often than not, Filipinas who had a boyfriend or a husband as a foreigner were often said to be “rare-faced” or “exotic”. And when this sarcasm doesn’t hit you yet, you won’t probably get the joke!

The video posted on April 21, 2017 immediately gathered a whopping 10 million views! And to add to that, it also garnered over 205K likes and Facebook reactions, and 182, 497 shares all around Facebook! About 70,500 people were also talking about it and leaving comments on the status update, tagging their friends and teasing them for having a face that is “rare”! They also left comments which they say that Madam Kilay’s videos were a total stress-reliever and exploding with good vibes.


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