Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jose Manalo's Hokage Moves To A Beautiful Girl In "Sugod Bahay"


Jose Manalo is such a great comedian since in any types of circumstance he can pull off on the spot comedy just like this one. Watch Jose Manalo as he did some Hokage moves to a ‘Sugod Bahay’ contestant.

Beautiful women are every man’s weakness. No matter how good you are in your field, a beautiful woman can bring a man a bit of distraction and even great comedian like Jose Manalo is no exemption.

In one of the episodes of Eat Bulaga’s segment ‘Sugod Bahay’, Jose Manalo was caught on cam to be smitten by a beautiful lady who happened to be the granddaughter of the ‘Sugod Bahay’ winner. During the interview, Jose could not contain his attraction to 24-year-old Juvelyn.

Blessed with wit and hokage skills, Jose did not let the opportunity to pass without ‘scoring’ to Juvelyn who was also game to make the day of the audience. When Juvelyn asked for a kiss from Jose, funnily, the comedian refused because he’s a celebrity and that fans should be the one to kiss their idols only on their cheeks.

Granting Jose’s condition, of course, it is expected that he did the ‘bossing’ move. We don’t need to describe it because everyone knew about this ‘style’.

Unfortunately, before the segment ended, Juvelyn revealed that she already have a 5-year-old son but a glimpse of hope came about when Juvelyn told that she and her husband are no longer staying together as a couple.


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