Friday, April 14, 2017

Huge North Pole Hole Revealed in this NASA images and clips


Strange images coming from satellites show that there is a massive hole in North Pole which believes to lead to another dimension. Interesting? Know more about this conspiracy theory by watching the following video.

In the following video, it was revealed that NASA is hiding something which is believed to be a massive hole in North Pole. In one of the clips shown in the video, a video footage caught by NASA was immediately covered as it reached the alleged hole. The controversy heaten up when the organization deleted photos and videos capturing the hole, according to UFO enthusiasts.

Further proving this ‘Hollow Earth Theory’, Admiral Byrd, a known explorer, revealed on his diary that he was able to reach the hole where he saw a life or maybe a civilization inside the hole. Others notable scientists also believed the claim and thought that the massive hole has also a sun inside it.
Much more controversial, the US government prohibits aircraft to fly near the hole which was proven by the radar map of all the airlines passing near the hole. There were also footages that this kind of hole is not only present on Earth but also to other planets and even the lone moon of the Earth.
Moreover, it was also believed that this massive hole is the one responsible for the appearance of Aurora Borealis.

Sounds interesting, right?


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