Sunday, April 16, 2017

How To Fix Your Sleeping Problems With Science


Sleeping problems is one of the fastest growing concerns among adults in today's generation. In fact more than 35 percent of people are suffering from sleep deprivation.  Good news, because science will help us fix sleeping problems.


Combating against sleeping troubles is as worse as having sleeping troubles. Battling against it while tossing and turning on your bed is as difficult as catching your ride to dreamland, and soon as you miss it, it would make you rise up from the middle of the night until the sun rises and it’s not as much comfortable to most people who is experiencing it. But with the help of science and scientific studies, they have come up with various solutions to get your ticket ride to your dreamland and help you get through the night in no time. Follow these steps and help yourself defeat insomnia:

Meditate listening to classical music. Sleeping while getting your ears plugged with classical music soothes your veins and calms your mind and soul to help you get a goodnight’s sleep.

Massage your ears and pinkies. Massage your ears back and forth, top to bottom of the ear lobes. Then twist your pinkies gently before sleeping.

Read a book. You’re feeding your mind at the same time. Take this a tip while you’re waiting for your bus to Dreamland before finally snoozing off. It would help you relax your mind and senses.

Drink a glass of milk. Who says milk is only for babies? Even adults need milk so take a glass of it before heading to bed. Best to add honey onto it.

Catch some positive emotions. Sleeping happy get you to sleep easily.

Give up coffee and smartphones. Coffee and smartphones disrupts sleeping and eventually makes it hard for most to fall asleep. Regulate the use of smartphones before sleeping and regulate drinking caffeine to avoid problems. Caffeine quickens heartbeat and blood pressure increases in 10 minutes and increases serotonin and energy through hours and hours. If you’re up for day’s work, it is great for the body. But if you’re up for a night’s sleep, best to cut it off for a while.

Exercise every morning. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key to healthy living and a solution to sleeping problems.

Place a pillow under your thighs and legs. More often than not, many are experiencing back pains while sleeping due to the uncomfortable sleeping positions we have adhered to. Placing a pillow under the thigh if you’re sleeping on your stomach and under the legs if on your back.

Replace your pillow once every two years. This is to prevent uncomfortable neck pains that contribute to sleeping difficulties. A pillow made from latex is your best replacement option.

Source: Healthstagram | How To Sleep When You Cant Sleep



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