Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heart Touching Story of Two Sisters . This WIll Make You Cry


WATCH: This girl bullies her sister but regretted all at the end. Why?

Another Thai advertisement has touched the hearts of the netizens for its relatable content. Do you also bully your sibling just like this girl on the short film? Watch the following video and prepare to cry your feelings out.

It’s not new to watch advertisement videos from Thailand that captivates the hearts of the people who get to watch it, just like this one. This video that went viral recently shares the story of sisters who do not like each other ever since. The younger sister always bullies her sister when they were still young and when they’ve grown up the young one rebel against her sister.

They were left alone by their parents who both passed away. The older sister took responsibility to her little sister. She’s very pissed with her younger sister wishing her to die so all her burden disappear and to have a much easier life because she gives her nothing but headache. Her little sister is as hard as rock, parties every night, smokes and even steals all her money just to party with her friends.

It was the elder sister’s last string, she rushed to confront her sister and slapped her in front of her friends but still nothing changed until one day she received the biggest nightmare of her life that would change her relationship with her sister.

Better watch the next scenes and find out what happens next.


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