Sunday, April 9, 2017

From Tomato Vendor , Now He Is One of the Richest Businessman


We never know what will happen in the future, and sometimes, we thought that what matters the most is the one right in front of us but we never knew there are doors for better opportunities and most of the time, the possibility is limitless.

There was once a man who applied for a job as a janitor. Due to the lack of opportunities for employment, he risked to apply for a job on a company for the said position. He passed all the exams and interviews but when the HR manager called for the man to give all the details and the necessary documents to be submitted, he asked for his e-mail address but he replied, “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have an e-mail address.”

The manager raised his eyebrows and gave a snide remark to the man, saying on a rude tone of voice, “What? You don’t have an e-mail address? Every people out there has got their own and you don’t have one? I’m sorry but I don’t do business transactions with someone who doesn’t have an e-mail. Sorry but you’re not hired.”

The man left the building with a lonely heart and with not knowing what to do for his child was waiting at home and possibly hungry already. He did not have anything on his pocket aside from 300 pesos. “This shouldn’t be happening, I should do something about this,” he said in his mind and what he did is that he went straight to the market and used up all his money to buy tomatoes. He repacked them and sold them and he managed to double the amount of money he had spent and turned into 600 pesos. He continued doing that until he was able to double and triple the amount of money he used to have. Buying and selling tomatoes with the amount of money he had. He went home happy and he thought of that this would make a good business. And days went by that he was able to buy the things he needed to expand his business even more accompanied with hard work and business intelligence. Soon, he was able to buy his own truck for the delivery of tomatoes.

Ten years have gone by and he was able to buy 10 trucks in total and became the one of the most successful businessman and fruit dealer on their town. He was, one day, convinced by an insurance agent to apply an insurance for his business. While filling up the application, the agent asked him, “Sir, didn’t you have an e-mail address?”

The humble businessman answered in return, “I don’t have one.”

The agent was surprised, “Sir, you didn’t have an e-mail address but you have a successful business and industry. Who could you have been today even more if you had an e-mail address?”

The humble man smiled and said, “If I had an e-mail address, I could have been a janitor today.”

The moral lesson of the story tells us that we are often rejected because of our weaknesses without even knowing what we are capable of. If we would focus on our weakness, we would never know what are our strengths. We should always remember that it is not God’s rejection but more like God’s redirection. It is God’s way of saying, “You shouldn’t be there, you are not fit for that. I have something far more better waiting for you.”

Don’t ever burden yourself thinking about your failures as a human, focus on the things that you can do with what you are capable of. Focus on your strengths.

Naipasa niya ang mga exam at interview kaya na-hired siya bilang isang janitor. Tinawag ang lalaki ng HR Manager upang ibigay ang ilang detalye sa mga kailangan nyang ipasa na dokumento. Habang kinakausap ng HR manager ang lalaki, hinihingi niya ang e-mail address nito. “Sorry po Sir, wala po akong e-mail address.” sagot ng lalaki. Napakunot ang noo ng manager at sinabi, “Ano wala kang e-mail address? Lahat ng tao meron nyan tapos wala ka. Sorry hindi ako nakikipag transact ng business sa walang e-mail. You are not hired Umalis sa gusali ang lalaki na malungkot, hindi alam kung ano ang gagawin, naghihintay sa bahay nila ang tatlong taong gulang nilang anak na maaring gutom na tapos mayroon lamang siyang P300 sa wallet niya. “Hindi maari ito, kinakailangang may gawin ako.” sabi ng lalaki sa isip niya Pumunta siya sa palengke, ibinili ng kamatis ang lahat ng pera na nasa kanya, ni-repacked ang kamatis at ibenenta, at kumita siya ng P600. At dahil maaga pa bumili ulet siya ng kamatis sa halagang P600, maubos ito at naging P1,200 ang pera nya. Umuwi siya ng bahay na masaya, at naisip na pwede niya gawin ang ganoong negosyo. Lumipas ang mga araw anupa’t lumaki ang kanyang kita, nakabili siya ng isang kariton na ginagamit nya sa pagdedeliver ng mga order na gulay, lumipas ang mahigit dalawang taon nakabili siya ng truck para sa mas malaking delivery. 


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