Friday, April 7, 2017

FlipTop Star "BADANG" Now In Jail After Allegedly Doing This.


Just this day, a video of Badang being accused on the attempting to do bad things on his niece has cycled online and as of this writing has now reached more a million of views in just four hours. Is the accusation real?

Rapper Badang is now in hot water due to an accusation filed by the father of his victim. The video that went viral was very intense so we’re giving you a bit of precaution to expect a lot of curse word in this video thrown by the father of the victim to Badang.

As seen in the video, Badang has no face to show to the person who gave him shelter. The male voice in the video accused the fliptop star and told him that what he’d done was unforgivable that time. He revealed that it wasn’t the first time that Badang was accused. The first time was when he do something bad to the owner of the house’s niece and the second time and the most recent was his daughter.

The male voice was so fumed and threat Badang to make him more popular in social media by ruining his name. However, the rapper defended himself and told his side of the story. He said that he was under the influence of alcohol when it happened which he thought unintentional. 


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