Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Enrique Gil Disguises as a Balut Vendor


From hunk and celebrity cutie to balut vendor real quick! This heartthrob, known to be a recording artist, professional dancer and actor, teamed up with the dazzling Liza Soberano on shows like Dolce Amore and Forevermore, and their recent box-office film, My Ex and Why’s, Enrique Gil takes on the challenge of changing his appearance and disguising himself as a regular “balut” (the famed fertilized duck egg) vendor probably disgusted by a lot of foreigners and Filipinos alike. Though rich in protein and other vitamins, many are hesitant to take on a bite to this duck egg as many find it utterly disgusting, icky, and gross. The educational show, Matanglawin, hosted by Kuya Kim Atienza, Enrique Gil is tasked on a challenge to be a balut vendor and sell on his eggs to the market. So how did the selling go?

Enrique Gil went out to the streets and approached a few people while doing the usual chant, “Baluuuut!”, as he tries to sell some of his balut eggs he is carrying around on a basket. Since the night is pretty dark, and the actor is wearing a straw hat atop his head, many didn’t notice that this one balut vendor was ought to be the actor many girls are dying for! But as he walked around and approach people, some girls have been noticing that he is no ordinary balut vendor and turned out to be Enrique Gil! Fans and passerby’s gathered around in to buy some eggs to the actor when they found out who he really was. The disguise failed him out and he was forced to take his hat off and introduce himself as the actor they all claim him to be! In exchange of a photo opportunity, people bought balut from Quen and went home with a smile on their face and a photograph on their phone.

So what do you think? Could Quen do more “disguise challenges” to go out into the public? What would you do if you stumble upon a gorgeous balut vendor like Enrique Gil? We’d like to hear from you!


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