Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Enrique Gil Answers " Anong Pakiramdam GF Mo ang Pangalawa sa Pinakamaganda sa Mundo ?"


Enrique Gil is now considered as the luckiest guy on the planet not only because he got to work with Liza Soberano most of the time but also as the top contender to win Liza’s heart. Are they now officially together? If so, this could be Enrique Gil’s reaction.

Many men envy Enrique Gil for being one of the closest people that Liza get to mingle with everyday because he is her on-screen partner which entitles everyone to hope for a level up in terms of their relationship.

With their very closeness, should we assume to think of “what you see is what you get?” Yes, observing these two lovebirds might just be waiting for the right time to admit that they’re already a couple despite the known skill of Vice Ganda of teasing people for them to admit the real score between them.

In an episode of GGV where LizQuen was invited as guest, there was a moment Vice was asking Enrique Gil his reaction upon knowing his ‘girlfriend’ Liza Soberano is hailed as the second most beautiful face in the world. It’s not Enrique’s reaction why this clip went viral but Liza not reacting when Vice claimed that she’s already the Enrique’s girlfriend. Did she just overhear it?
Moreover, Enrique looked overwhelmed as Liza’s ‘boyfriend’ knowing that he’s in a relationship with the second most beautiful woman of today’s generation.


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