Monday, April 17, 2017

Ellen Adarna Wants You To Choose " DOTA O AKO "


The famous rap song popularized back then somewhere in the time of the utmost popularity of the computer game, DOTA or Defense of the Ancients, a franchise of the World of Warcraft game, where adolescent men and young adults alike get hooked up because of its team-fight playing game where you get to play a certain character with varied special abilities coming from different races and different creatures (humans, orcs, elves, and the undead). No wonder that this game has reached its peak right now and is still getting attention from gamers since the DOTA 2 has been introduced to the market and is gaining tremendous popularity on international e-sports (electronic sports).

And because of that, a song called “Dota o Ako?” has been composed and it caught the attention of the, bombshell actress, Ellen Adarna. Ellen shares a video of herself on her official Facebook page [Maria Elena Adarna] singing along on this popular rap song. Compelled with seductive faces and gestures, fans were torn apart on what to choose when Ellen sang this song. Bare-faced and with natural blush, Ellen gets attention from people just because she is just as pretty on her own way and just as attractive to be difficult for fans to choose between her or that popular game.

Fans had extremely gotten the good vibes when they get to watch this kalog actress as she sings along with feelings to the “Dota o Ako” song. No matter how horrible the voice of the actress, fans tend to still adore Ellen, giving remarks and leaving comments to her videos like: “Cutie naman ni Ellen” [Ellen is so cute!] and more like these. Obviously a bit tipsy when she recorded the video, it nonetheless got almost 317K views, about 10K of Likes and Reactions, 3.2K shares, and about 1.3K comments on Facebook.


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