Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dying 20-year Old Model Final Request is "To Die Beautiful "


Racine Pregunta Story

All of us have the same destination no matter what kind of life we spent here on earth. No one is exempted from death. It’s just that there are a few whose been given a chance to prepare for their death because they knew when their deadline will be.

The story of a beautiful model named Racine Pregunta during the last moments when she’s on her death bed went viral. The post of her sister narrating her sister’s wishes before she died spread online and was featured on various news sharing sites.

According to Rolyn Pregunta, Racine’s sister, Racine planned her burial and requested some things to be done. She shared on her post using Racine’s facebook account that her sister requested to wear a white off-shoulder dress and a flower band during her burial which granted as seen in Racine’s photo. She also personally requested her make-up artist, Gladys, to do her make-up because she wanted to look beautiful when she’s inside the coffin. Staring at her last memory she left to her loved ones, Racine looked very fresh as if she was just sleeping with her make-up on.

Few days before she bid her last goodbye, Racine asked her loved ones if she can be buried right next to her father. Once they were able to buy the lot next to her father, Racine will be buried right next to him but for the mean time, her coffin was stacked on top of her father’s grave.

Racine died from a rare type of cancer in the bones called Osteosarcoma.


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