Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dream Come True For Dawn Zulueta To Become A Balerina


We truly admire the graceful dance moves of ballerinas as they perform onstage and movies like “Black Swan” [Starred by the renowned actress, Natalie Portman] popularized Ballet even more though we have our world-class Prima-Ballerina, Liza Macuja, made Philippines renowned for the graceful ballerina performances. Be it when they do the twirl or stand on their toe when they do their pirouette, it is a certain beauty and tranquility when we watch in onstage during “Swan Lake” performances and others accompanied by beautiful classical-orchestra music. Many Filipino moms and parents wanted now to take their young children into ballet classes and even adults who want to live a physically healthy life and gain a beautifully poised posture, enroll into ballet classes for its health benefits.

Just like gymnastics and yoga, celebrities are being hooked up into this new dancing and fitness hobby. Along these celebrities is Dawn Zulueta who shares a video of herself dancing and practicing during her ballet lessons. We were surprised that this is Dawn’s way of maintaining her fit body and wonderful, queen-like posture. Despite her age, Dawn engages into this type of fitness program accompanied and taught very well by her ballet instructor on her side. With this kind of lifestyle, it is by the fact that this is the secret behind this famed actress toned and sexy body despite her age. Dawn Zulueta was known for her films and TV series like, “Walang Hanggan”, co-starred by Coco Martin and Julia Montes to which she reunited with her former love-team and celebrity crush, and now a Leyte governor, Richard Gomez.

While we are getting a superb, prima-ballerina feels on this video and inspires us to live our Swan-Lake childhood dreams to be like Ms. Liza Macuja-Elizalde, we are certainly in awe watching Dawn Zulueta does some basic ballerina figures with poised and grace.


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