Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cute Tiny Baby Dragons Discovered


Do you think that dragons is real? Well, a video of a baby dragon is getting a lot of attention online. Is this a proof of this existence?

Another post has gone viral involving the existence of a mythical creature. And let's not go far thinking what creature this is, it's a dragon. Yes, another post went viral because of this mythical creature and it seemed that people can't get enough of it.

In a facebook post from a thai page, a baby dragon was newly hatched. Like how most perceive what a baby dragon looks like, it resembles the dragons that we use to see in movies -- with green scales, big eyes, a pair of horns has a white fur on its head and a long body resembling the dragons that we see in Chinatown. Since the image pf dragons come along with their ability to blow fire from their mouths, it's not impossible that this little creature can also do the same when it grows older.

Seeing and observing the video clip and the photos, we can say that the existence of this kind of creature can be real but for now, the authenticity of the proofs that they live among us is questionable. Talking about this viral post, on our part, we think that this is just part of the number of videos and photos out there that dragons are existent without any back-up scientific study proving the caught or discovered creature.

However, just like what we said, we are not closing the chance that these mythical creatures could be real until a reliable study or sighting is disclosed to the public.

What's your stand about this? Do you think this post from Thailand is authentic? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


  1. these baby dragons ARE NOT real because the would ether: move there eyes, blink, move around, sequel, and maybe bit! these are not real.