Monday, April 17, 2017

Chito Miranda Responds To Online Trolls


Chito Miranda's basher will no longer need to avail some online course, because the OPM star gave him a taste of a free online life lesson.

Celebrities are becoming more aggressive with regards to how they handle their bashers online. The most recent celebrity who took time slapping his basher online was Chito Miranda. Here’s what he has to say to his basher. Despite having a good image, Chito Miranda is no exemption to people who want to initiate war online. In one of the posts of Chito Miranda, the Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist has reached his last straw to a comment dropped by a netizen whom he responded with some words he deserved.

The netizen commented to Miranda’s post where he took a selfie in a wet market waiting for his wife to come back since she advised him to wait for her in that exact place. Harol P. Peninoy reacted to the photo saying that Miranda is very old enough to go home all by himself.

The comment sounded quite offensive to Miranda’s part which urged him to respond to the netizen and replied, “Tanga ka pala eh. Ano gagawin ko iiwan ko asawa ko habang namamalengke?”

With this, Miranda’s supporters saluted how he handled the insensitive netizen by responding wittily. Miranda also added that his wife did a lot of groceries and could not leave her all by her own and even questioned the values of Peninoy.

Although Chito Miranda and his wife Neri Naig are no longer active in the lime light, many are still tuning in to their perfect relationship as a couple. Thanks to Chito Miranda who raised the flag of the men higher for being such a dream husband.


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