Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautiful Alexis Corbi Salita Transformation : When Puberty Hits You Hard


Sometimes the big yellow school bus of puberty arrives a bit too early or a little too late for some of us to hit us with what it can have in store for us—a hope that after puberty, we’ll turn into a completely transformed person, but to some, it may not be the same since some people we know were drop-dead gorgeous when they were kids and teens, but when puberty hits them, turned not to be so nice or good-looking but at the same note, there are people who start out to be ugly ducklings and less-noticeable among the face of the crowd, turned into beautiful swans when they finally reach the peak of their puberty. Just like Anne Hathaway’s character in the Disney film, “Princess Diaries”, the story of this girl is from “simple” to an absolutely beautiful butterfly after metamorphosis.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we are all beautiful in our own ways but most of us start with looking like feet during our childhood and pre-teen days, and it’s a constant debate if your looks will belong to the “ugly” or “beautiful” label. But nevertheless, a girl shares photos of her amazing transformation when puberty hits her real hard she was almost knocked off to be drop-dead gorgeous.

Aleksis Corbi, posted photos of her own transformation from a simple girl into a gorgeous woman she is right now. Netizens were amazed and certainly wowed by her metamorphosis, with her post gathering over 41,000 shares and about 6,200 comments, 10 days right after she posted it on her Facebook account. It was certainly unbelievable that we thought our eyes have been playing tricks on us that a dark-skinned child, obviously doesn’t count on her vocabulary the word “pag-aayos” and “kikay”, would be eternally blessed by puberty that we just can’t believe the two are the same person. Slowly, her transformation resulted into a change we can’t imagine to be real and we ought to think it just happens into movies and fairytales. But this girl, Aleksis, is living on her fairy-wonderland world where beauty is a cherry on top of an ice cream. So on your part, what can you say? Same girl or nah? The change is simply magical!

For those who are still waiting for their puberty to hit them like a truck, JUST WAIT. Sometimes the ride just doesn’t come early on time. There are people who are late-bloomers, you might be one! But nevertheless, no great change comes easy without the aid of good-work, motivation, and prayer. If it didn’t come the way you expected it to be: Dasal lang bes. Dasal lang talaga!


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