Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bea Alonzo Shows Off her Beautiful House Design


Inside Bea Alonzo's Multi million worth of mansion

The success of a person’s life reflects the beauty of the house he/she lives in. Beautifully made and with a touch of luxury and complete elegance, Avid Fan, a Youtube Channel, follows Bea Alonzo and gives a wonderful tour experience inside the renowned celebrity’s mansion that stood in Quezon City. The celebrity, known for her title roles on her famed romantic-drama film, “One More Chance” where she played the role of “Basya” along with her love-team, John Lloyd Cruz who played “Popoy”, wherein a lot of fans admired the chemistry and pure talent of the duo.

It produced sequels like “A Second Chance” and a lot more film projects like “Close To You”, “Miss You Like Crazy”, The Mistress”, and many more to mention that was a total blockbusters soon as it hit the cinemas. Not just that, Bea also ruled the primetime series back then for her role in the drama-series “It Might Be You”. Since then, there has been a lot of projects that came to the highly talented actress such as movie projects, TV series, and even on magazine prints and advertisements. This helped Bea achieve the total success and save a lot of investments to earn herself a reward and buy a wonderful house for them.

Bea’s mansion is a wonderful 3-storey house, with a rooftop, a front lawn, a backyard, and a swimming pool. Inside Bea’s house is the home of a wonderful interior design with a hint of urban luxury motif. Totally, Bea would hit the charts for having the massive and beautiful house among the other celebrities in the show business. The living room has a relaxing ambience, mostly the color motif was white and some earth colors to complement. Inside the kitchen were beautiful mint-green walls and white furniture accent. Here, Bea does baking cookies and cupcakes which the actress enjoys for a hobby. Outside the backyard was a huge space enough for a swimming pool and a grassy lawn. Bea enjoys the leisure outside of arranging and planting succulents and cacti during her past time. Upstairs also houses her own office and her room complete with white bookshelves and a fully-furnished wooden floor. What we admired the most was her luxurious bathroom enough to be aligned with 5-star hotel bathrooms because of its beauty. It also has a tub and a large glass mirror on the walls and a shower room inside.

Her success was really admirable considering that the actress had humble beginnings. She has achieve her dreams held high but her feet remains on the ground. Even though that she is one of the most promising actresses of the decade, she remains humble as she is from the start and that is what made her fans love her more and for God to shower her with a lot of blessings because of her kind heart.


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