Sunday, April 9, 2017

Badjao Girl Dance Cover , Is SHe The New Maja Salvador?


Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday when photos of Rita Gaviola went viral which she became known as “Badjao Girl”. After the online craze and anticipation to know more about her, now, Rita has achieved things beyond her dreams.

Other than possessing a beautiful face, Rita Gaviola has proven that she also has something to show-off in the dance floor and the following video proves it.

There’s more to Rita Gaviola to discover because she is not just a face that is worth to launch a thousand ships or the perfect representation of a true and natural Filipina beauty.  Her fans had released video clips showing the famous “Badjao Girl” having some skills in the dance floor.

In the first half of the video clip, Rita danced with her partner and choreographer a hip-hop dance while the second half Rita showcased a very expressive and emotional ballroom routine during an event. Judging her moves and grooves, we can say that Rita has something to show but a bit more practice would definitely help a lot.

Well, everyone except the gifted ones had undergone dance workshop because it’s one of the requirement in the local showbiz industry that one should know how to dance. For Rita’s case, as mentioned, just few furnishing and training maybe she would be the next dance queen following the footsteps of Maja Salvador sometime in the near future.
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