Monday, April 17, 2017

Andrea Brillantes Like A Pro In Her Dance Cover


Everyone know that Andrea Brillantes is now closely reaching the puberty stage but the way she portrays herself seems that she’s already a full bloom lady. What more if she invades the dance floor?
Andrea Brillantes is one of the most promising child actresses of her generation. From giving life to Annaliza in 2013, now, Andrea has bloomed into a beautiful young lady known for her naturally thick brows that suited her very angelic face.

Apart from engaging in small screen roles, Andrea is also pretty occupied on doing dance numbers. Her latest viral video of her grooving freely on the dance floor was a dance showdown with “Your Face Sounds Familiar” grand winner Awra.

This video that you’re about to see is not a recent one but has again went viral. In this video, Andrea was rehearsing inside the GForce dance studio with a Gforce choreographer. Although this is just a short video clip, Andrea’s prowess on the dance floor was very evident.

As someone who is fond of dancing and judging fairly Andrea’s performance, we can say she got the snappy moves that the song requires. She may not be as graceful as her choreographer but she’s going there. Just a bit of practice, for sure she would leave an impression on the dance floor.

Despite impressing a lot of netizens, there were still some who seemed not pleased with Andrea’s hardship on giving a good dance number. Well, haters gonna hate but at the end of the day, her fans outweigh the bashers.


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