Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"UWIAN NA , MAY NANALO NA " This Man Found His Love


The online world was in shock after photos of this couple surfaced online. Their photos have been shared and liked for thousands of times by those who found hope in finding true love despite huge differences. Take a look at their photos below and be the judge.

Language barrier is already hard to overcome in a relationship, what more if both of you have the same gender. Love certainly wins as proven by this couple and more than that these two are also of different race and culture. The female dominant one looks Asian while his partner comes somewhere from the west. It’s like east meets west.

Apart from the mentioned differences, it can be notice that their looks are way too far which suggested by the caption of the page that posted this couple’s photos, “Kung feeling mo na maganda ka, then you're not feeling well! Uwian na mga bes! May nanalo na! Kabog ang beauty niyo!”

Reading between the lines, people claimed that the asian one has won  for fishing such a nice looking western guy who seemingly can reciprocate his feelings for him. However, some netizens thought that the photos were photoshopped.

On our side, whether these photos are real or not, we do believe all of us deserve to be loved no matter how we look on the outside. Cliché as you may think but at the end of the day, people fall in love and stay if we just know how to work our differences, just like this couple.

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