Monday, March 27, 2017

Team Jolai ( Jelai Andres, Jon Gutierrez ) 10 Seconds Kiss Caught on Camera


Yes we may know the internet sensation couple JaMich who shook the internet world with their ‘kilig’ YouTube videos and blogs together until their relationship fell apart and with controversies that the two encountered after the death of Jam Sebastian. People have moved on with the issue [and apparent heartbreak] and sprang out this new couple who is continually shaking and filling the virtual social world with their fun and ‘kilig’ moments together. Team Jolai, or Jon Gutierrez and Jelai Andres, a couple who has been together for quite a long time and is the new internet sensation among Filipinos who wants a daily dose of love. Recently, they made a fun guesting on Yes! 101.1 The Best radio station and had a lovely time on the Yes The Guest: Jack en Poy segment of the radio show.

The couple will play the traditional “Jack en Poy” or “Bato-Bato Pick!” [rock-paper-scissors game] but with a fun twist: Whoever the loser might be, he/she shall have to press on his/her lips on any body part that shall be picked from the draw-lots. A paper shall be covering the hands of the two so they would not be able to see the results just yet! The DJ who was in the show was really almost about to faint because of too much ‘kilig’ the Team Jolai gives on the show. Even netizens can’t get enough of the kilig whenever the loser shall kiss the body part of each other which was utterly too cute for us we really feel the love! Apparently Jelai Andres is an expert on this game that she got much more of the kisses from Jon Gutierrez.

Before the video ends, the radio show requested for a 10-second lips-to-lips smooch from Team Jolai and they agreed. The DJ counted from 1-9 but extended it by adding 0.1 on the counting which extended the kilig feeling that made fans go crazier towards this very lovely couple.

Would you take on the same challenge the Team Jolai has taken? We’d like to know your thoughts!


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