Monday, March 6, 2017



 WATCH: Awra opens doors of his newly bought home to his fans

McNeal “Awra” Briguela accompanies the staff of “Rated K” in his new home in Las Piñas and show a sneak peak of his life before entering showbiz. Hit the play button below to start your day with good vibes.

Break out star Awra opens the doors of his new home to his fans to show them how far he’d gone in just a short period of time to little by little reach his dreams. In the same place where he grown, Awra bought a humble looking house and as of this moment, still on the process of completion.

Since he’s been very busy with his career and new shows, Awra came back to Las Piñas particularly to the place where he was raised to visit his close friends and spent time with them. The break out star introduced his best friend who became a great part of who is he now and some family friends who helped them get through some though days.

At the age of 12, Awra had already been through many difficulties in life with one of the toughest was when his parents separated. He told on his interview with Korina Sanchez that he had moved on and just accepted the situation since both parties are now happy with their lives.

Awra was discovered online through a video while he was doing an on the spot acting inside a room and doing some ‘awra’ or projecting on cam which inspired his screen name.

If you want to see Awra's new house, visit here


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