Saturday, March 25, 2017

Robi Domingo's Cover of Beauty and the Beast


A lot of people still could not get-over with the live action premiere of “Beauty and Beast” in theatres and local celebrities are not an exemption especially Robi Domingo. Watch the Kapamilya and PBB host Robi Domingo as he gives life to “Beauty and the Beast” theme in piano.

We can’t get-over with the live adaptation of the Disney animation “Beauty and the Beast” but women who got to watch it fell in love even more not only with the movie but also the theme song. What more if the Disney movie’s theme song is played using piano and what more if it’s done by heartthrob Robi Domingo?

It’s not very known to everyone that Robi Domingo isn’t just a pretty boy and good host but he’s also a musical genius. To those who haven’t followed him yet on Instagram, we will be spoiling you about Robi’s talent – he plays piano very well.

His recent piano cover and entry on his official Instagram, Robi covers “Beauty and the Beast” theme in piano. Well, we’re not very musically inclined to give our critique to Robi’s piano cover however, will be judging him according to what we feel with his showcase. Yes, we can say that he is really good not to mention, he plays in impromptu without reading or following any notes.

With this, many of his followers are looking forward to see him play the piano on live stage and collaborate with the famous recording artists in a number.

Beauty and the Beast. 🌹🎹

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