Saturday, March 18, 2017

Remember Super Sireyna ? Here She is Today


Everybody including women feel head over heels with this beauty after live coverage video on facebook as proven by the number of netizens who watched the video which now approaches to half a million. Who is this beautiful face?

Without further ado, meet Francine Garcia, a transgender Filipino who is now invading the social media with her live coverage on facebook. The said viral video only took half an hour in the backstage with her make-up artist while she’s preparing for a certain commitment. The video captured her bubbly personality behind the limelight which might be the other reason why a lot fell in love with her.  

If you’re already familiar with Francine Garcia, Francine is a woman of beauty and brains. If we are not mistaken, this transgender has a background in law because she’s known to incorporate some of her learnings in the said field with her answers every time she advances to question and answer portion of gay beauty pageants.

Speaking of pageants, Francine Garcia was hailed “Super Sireyna” grand winner in Eat Bulaga way back 2014 where she impersonated Kim Chiu. After winning the crown, she became more active in limelight and was given roles on various shows in GMA namely “Villa Quitana” and “The Half Sisters”.

With her beauty and wit, Francine continues to shine as one of the most famous transgender Filipino of her generation.


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