Friday, March 31, 2017

NBA MVP Steph Curry Freaks Out To David Blaine Insane Magic Tricks


Usually, athletes are the ones who amaze their audience with their skills whenever they are in the field but have you ever wondered who could make their jaw drop or freak them out? This question will be answered, if you watch this video.

Stephen Curry, Jimmy Butler, Dave Chappelle and Drake are few of the personalities who created their names and are being adored by a lot of people. They impress the world whenever they’re inside the court to play for their team. With their built-in awesomeness, many of you might be wondering what would amaze them.

Just like us, the kings of the basketball court are also a great fan of magic tricks. What more if these tricks are done by the most popular and followed street magician David Blaine?

This video of David Blaine demonstrating one of his magic tricks to the basketball legends was posted a year ago but it still circulates online as to date. The street magician demonstrated an out-of-the-box magic trick which freaked out the basketball superstars.

The trick only involved David Blaine’s awesomeness. No props were used but just only himself. He opened his trick by asking the players what small creature that can fit inside his palm. Then, everyone agreed with a frog as the creature. Later, Blaine tried to draw it in a smart phone then the next scenes were filled with scream and amazement.


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