Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nadine Lustre Tries Pole Dancing


It’s not uncommon to some that Nadine Lustre is a free-spirited individual. She would do what makes her happy without considering what others might think about her. This time, Nadine is not showing her perfect figure in two-piece swimsuit but her killer moves in pole dancing.

While in a road trip with James Reid and her friends, Nadine Lustre grabbed the opportunity to show her friends including boyfriend James Reid how flexible she is in the dance floor. Well, Nadine is not just a promising actress of her generation and an endorser but also she can nail a number on the dance floor anytime, just like this one.

James Reid shared on Instagram their video inside the bus with some of their friends having the best time of their lives. With Travi Scott’s “Goosebumps” everyone was on beat especially his girlfriend Nadine who loosens up by unleashing some of her energy on the dance pole.

Although Nadine was not wearing a pole-dancing outfit, she still rocked the first time she tried sliding herself around the pole and we think the most pleased person to see her trying to play with the pole is her boyfriend James Reid.

With this, we can no longer wait to see more of Nadine doing sexy number as such because we think she’s now ready to level up her image from doing cute roles to daring ones.


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