Saturday, March 4, 2017

Liza Soberano Before Entering Showbiz


Celebrities sometimes are not into the idea of posting or sharing their old photos to the public for the purpose of their own privacy in order to not trigger a lot more issues especially bashing. One of the few celebrities who exempt themselves and very open to share her old photos to her fans is Liza Soberano. Let’s take a look at her high school photos and see if something changed.
It is a given fact that Liza Soberano is a natural beauty. Her parents are equally good looking so there’s no doubt about her genes.

In this video compilation of Liza Soberano when she was in High school, it cannot be denied that her beauty has already captivated her schoolmates. Some of the dug photos showed Liza being a muse in a sports event while the first ones showed how genuine friend she is to her classmates where she done her classmate’s make-up. Now, good karma has done its thing and look at Liza, she’s now a make-up line ambassador.

Other photos include Liza’s graduation photos and diploma. It was also seen that she already had fans when she was still studying in high school.
Comparing Liza’s beauty from before, we can say that nothing has changed. Her overall packaging just improved because it’s demand of her work but she’s still the gorgeous girl with a beautiful face and a genuine heart for everyone.

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