Monday, March 20, 2017

LEAKED: Pia Wurtzbach " Dance With Somebody " Prod


We all know her to be poised, elegant, and demure as the former crown-bearer of the Miss Universe crown after she recently passed on the crown to Miss France, where is Pia Wurtzbach now and how is her life now that she is not on the spotlight of international media anymore?

On a recent status update posted by Queen P, she showed her crazy and quirky side to her fans after she uploaded a video of herself dancing and singing “Dance with Somebody” on karaoke. Her Facebook fan page, “Pia Wurtzbach Official”, shared a video reposted from Marlon Stockinger, the queen’s boyfriend. The status post was captioned:

“Entering the weekend like…” and tagging the Miss Universe herself, Pia.

It immediately garnered a pounding 12,000 likes and reactions on Facebook and over a 117,000 shares on social media. Undoubtedly, her fans love her because aside from the demure and poised disposition and image she showed on the entire universe, she still shows her true side and her own attitude without any hesitation of having it to watch by people all over the world. A lot of people even commented on the video the said page has shared; comments like:

“She's not just Our Ms Universe to be proud of. She's also wants to be a singer as well. Why not? At least she's got a lot of talents to show us. Happy for you.”

“Hahahha. Bat ang ganda parin? Pero pag ako parang baliw? [emoticons]”

“Ganda mo te eh no? Haha nakakaalis pagod kakatawa hahhahaha love you Pia!!”

And a lot more shared by her loving and devoted Filipino fans who adored the character of this really nice role model. Truly, she is not just beautiful inside and out, she is indeed “confidently beautiful with a heart”, as her famous Miss Universe answer goes by.


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